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First Thomasville Realty Welcomes You to Thomasville Georgia

A very warm welcome to our beautiful town of Thomasville, Georgia, a fast-growing region in the Heart of the South, not 30 minutes from Tallahassee. With all the advantages of a big city and none of the drawbacks. Our climate is typical of the Southeastern USA. That’s warm and balmy, with plenty of sun to go round. Pleasant springtime and a colorful, picturesque fall. Our winters are mild and clear.

Thomasville has been named one of the Top 5 Retirement Areas by Consumer Reports on the CBS Early Show and the reasons for that are many.

In Thomasville, we offer an amazing array of recreational activities. Our numerous, beautiful parks appeal to all age-ranges, all year round.

For those who love water-sports, several lakes, just over the Florida border, are less than an hour away. Sailing on calm waters, or power-boating with your friends. Water skiing and jet skiing are also available, and very popular. Plenty of serene and excellent fishing spots are just waiting for you, all throughout the year. Seasonal hunting is not far away either.

Enjoy a round of golf on one of our spectacular courses. Thomasville offers a range of public courses and also private clubs have some of the best golfing anywhere. Players of all handicaps will relish the challenges and panoramic views in some of the best-kept courses you can find. For tennis enthusiasts, there are public courts at many of our parks and in our pleasant neighborhoods.

Two easily accessible YMCA’s provide health and fitness activities to all of our locals.

For cultural and sophisticated entertainment, you’ve come to the right place. Our nationally recognized Main Street is award-winning. We have a Welcome Center for visitors and be sure to stop by our Historical Society. The grand and majestic Courthouse is the centerpiece of the town-center area. Many, many of our homes stem from the turn of the century and have stood the test of time with grace and decorum. The Ritz Amphitheater is a new addition that hosts many events and concerts throughout the year. Our Cultural Arts Center is a marvel and hosts all manner of cultural and artistic events throughout the year. Community Theater, symphony companies on tour and professional entertainers all make a point of paying us a visit on their national tours.

Southern Hospitality is in full flow in Thomasville. Picture-book Bed and Breakfasts sit in beautiful tree-lined avenues; the friendliness of our hoteliers is legendary. Old time plantations are an incredibly popular attraction all throughout Southwestern Georgia. Our exquisite rose garden is a place of extreme beauty and one of our most popular spots. Sitting quietly, surrounded by our beautiful flowers and their sweet scents, will just lift your stress away.

For all you sports fans, there is plenty of 1-A/NCAA activity, with the Florida State Seminoles at Tallahassee.

For the young looking for some excitement, or anyone else who wants to get the blood flowing a little, the Wild Adventures Theme Park is an hour east in Valdosta, Georgia.

Our residents take pride in our award-winning educational systems. Our schools are our pride and joy. The public schools are extremely well supported, supplying our children with everything necessary for a superb education. We offer special programs to encourage the gifted children and to support the challenged. We also provide for mature students. Thomas University has been a center of educational excellence since 1950, and Southwest Georgia Technical College offers award-winning standards of education to the next generation of professional people. Nearby too is Florida State University, in easy to reach Tallahassee; and Valdosta State University is the same distance (30 minutes by car) away in Valdosta itself.

For your health needs, Archbold Medical Center provides our citizens with high quality medical services. We have dozens of highly skilled doctors, nurses and surgeons, offering trauma care, specialist services, as well as your day to day medical needs. An out-patient program is also available, because in Thomasville the old-fashioned standards of community caring still exists.

Your family’s religious and spiritual needs are met in Thomasville. A number of churches, temples and synagogues are present, with the All Saints Episcopal Church dating back to 1881. So majestic is it, that First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy attended mass here during a six week private retreat to a Thomasville plantation following President John F. Kennedy’s assassination and was wonderfully complimentary.

Never far away from the heart of a true Southerner, our cuisine and dining establishments are a thing of wonder. Ranging from the most casual of eateries to fine dining in candle-lit elegance, Thomasville boasts many, many fine restaurants catering to all tastes. And of course, our traditional Southern cooking is the very best you can find anywhere!

Our business center grows year on year, with an extremely diligent and effective Chamber of Commerce encouraging enterprise. A steady stream of new businesses are attracted to our area, bringing with them tourists and increased commerce. Many well-known companies reap the fruit of our excellent labor-force.

Thomasville, Georgia is accessible and central. Interstate 10 is 25 miles south and Interstate 75 is 45 miles east. The US 19, US 319 and US 84 all pass straight through Thomasville. By air, there is more than 1 option. Tallahassee and Valdosta both have excellent airports, with a huge variety of flights, and both are less than an hour away.

The Greater Thomasville area is the sort of place in which you dream of living. Quiet neighborhoods, safe streets and lovely homes. Planned communities, offering the very best in value. Grand homes in beautiful settings. Homes, ideal for those who wish a quiet retirement, but with the ease of a modern setting. Homes for raising your family in a wonderful environment. Homes for the single family, close to schools, shopping outlets and entertainment. Homes in everyone’s price range and in styles that will delight you. Homes from a different era, which you can really care for while you make Thomasville your home.

Thomasville, Georgia. Visit once and you’ll want to call it home. Come by for a spell, for a taste of the South, in beautiful Thomasville, Georgia.