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Rates are Rising, Time to Consider an ARM?

With mortgage rates finally looking like they are going to move upward a noticeable level in 2018 and forward, especially higher than what low levels have been in place to date, the return of the adjustable rate mortgage starts to come into...

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Everything You Need To Know About Short Sales

As a home buyer looking in the market, you are probably familiar with what a typical sale looks like. You probably also have a basic understanding of what a foreclosure is and how it will work. However, something that is a little bit less u...

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Best Tax Deductible Home Improvements for Homeowners

Before delving into tax-deductible home improvements, it’s important to understand that these tax deductions won’t be applied immediately. In most cases, homeowners can only benefit, tax-wise, from their home renovations later, when the...

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What You Should Know About Condo Mortgages

The Specialized World of Condo Mortgages Today’s prospective home buyers have some compelling reasons to shop for condominiums instead of houses. Condos may come with less square footage, which makes them easier to clean and maintain ...

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4 Quick Tips To Help You Compare Movers

Choosing The Right Movers Can Save You Time And Money It can be overwhelming to choose a moving company if you are buying or selling your home. There are usually numerous ads for movers offline and online. Determining which company is th...

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